PROTA STANDARD — A Superclean Sans-Serif Font (-30%)

Igor Petrovic
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The upgraded version of this font, named PROTA PRO with over 440 characters and more OpenType features is released and you can see it here


PROTA STANDARD is a new super-clean font. Using it, you will instantly bring ultramodern and noble-tech look to your artwork (the one like Apple and Tesla have).

Do you need a font which will present your business as a professional, modern and reliable leader in the industry?

Prota Standard is designed with this purpose in mind. It is perfect for business cards, brochures, logos, banners, cover images, and many more! It has over 200 characters, carefully crafted with maximum precision.

Its development is directly based on many reviews from the world-class type design professionals and the customers who purchased it's predecessor (Prota Basic) and wanted to help me improving and upgrading the concept even further.

It took me months of dedicated work, going back and forth until I was satisfied with every single character. I would be glad to see that work makes your business looks fine.

On customers request, Prota Standard has Polish characters!


- Sleek, minimal, noble-tech type design inspired by the top-notch IT brands, will instantly bring a serious professional feeling to your projects.

- Superclean refined look of Prota Standard makes it perfect for a wide range of projects, including logos, brochures, packaging, banners, business cards and many more...

- Carefully crafted letterforms, with maximum precision.

- Great feedback and reviews from world-class type design professionals.

- Over 200 characters (uppercase, lowercase, numbers, alternate letters, punctuation, symbols, accents)

- Multiple language support

- Works both on Mac and Windows.

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PROTA STANDARD — A Superclean Sans-Serif Font (-30%)

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